During the month of August, reporters from KJZZ's Fronteras Desk will be taking us to some of the key places migrants are traveling in hopes of a better life in the U.S. Kendal Blust takes us to a place where many asylum seekers are staying instead of heading north — Guadalajara, Mexico.
Special Report: Tracing The Migrant Journey
To talk about the governor’s reaction to proposed changes to how green cards are issued and more, former state lawmaker David Lujan, with the Arizona Center for Economic Progress, and former state schools superintendent Jaime Molera with the firm Molera Alvarez joined The Show.


AZ Pecan Farmers Losing Chinese Exports
Arizona's pecan farmers are expecting to lose up to 60% of their sales thanks to the trade war with China.
9 hours ago
It’s Getting [Record] Hot In Here
Valley residents will be plagued with very hot temperatures and air quality alerts this week with a chance of a record high temperature.
9 hours ago
McSally, Kelly Have Similar Stances On Gun Control Legislation
Arizona's 2020 U.S. Senate Candidates seem to agree on one thing: gun control legislation must be bipartisan.
4 hours ago
AZ May Get New Legal Protections Against Facial Recognition
A new federal court ruling coupled with a provision in the state constitution could give Arizonans new legal protections against the use of software by private firms that captures and stores facial images.
Court: Minor Leaguers Must Be Paid For Spring Training
A Federal appeals court Friday ruled in favor of minor league baseball players who are seeking to be paid minimum wage while playing during spring training in Arizona.

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Protests In Hong Kong Continue, Remain Peaceful Throughout The Weekend
Pouring rain did not deter the 11th weekend in a row of mass protests, which caused roads to shut down and traffic to reroute as streets flooded with people.
Thousands Left Homeless In Bangladeshi Capital After Fire Burns Hundreds Of Shanties
The fire broke out Friday in a Dhaka slum while many were away celebrating the Muslim holiday Eid al-Adha. Hundreds of homes were destroyed, leaving about 10,000 people uncertain of their future.
Leaked Brexit Document Depicts Government Fears Of Gridlock, Food Shortages, Unrest
A government source told the Sunday Times, which obtained the document, that "this is the most realistic assessment of what the public face with no deal."
This App Aims To Save New Moms' Lives
The startup Mahmee hopes to help OB-GYNs, pediatricians and other health providers closely monitor a mother and baby's health so that any red flags can be assessed before they become life-threatening.
No Mercy: After The Hospital Closes, How Do People Get Emergency Care?
The loss of the longtime hospital in Fort Scott, Kan., has forced a change in the way ER care is provided, including a greater reliance on air ambulances.