There’s an Arizona artist whose work has likely shown up in your home at some point. He’s the forensic sketch artist for the Phoenix Police Department and his work has helped catch kidnappers and killers.
Uber and Lyft now pay a $2.66 fee when they pick passengers at Sky Harbor Airport terminals. The Phoenix City Council voted for a proposal from Sky Harbor officials to increase the fee to $4 in 2020, and gradually to $5 in 2024.
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1 Year Since 1st Migrant Caravan Seen Crossing Into U.S.
Destitiute migrants have become a bargaining chip in economic negotiations between Mexico and the U.S.
2 hours ago
AARP Of Arizona Hosts Panel About Why More Seniors Are Becoming Homeless
The number of older Arizonans who are becoming homeless for the first time is on the rise. And once a person becomes homeless, it can take up to two years to get into affordable housing.
3 hours ago
Shootout In Southern Mexico Leaves 15 Dead
Fifteen people were killed during a shootout Tuesday in southern Mexico. According to the Mexican government, the deadly shots were fired while the military repelled aggressions.
4 hours ago
 Acknowledging Spike In Sonoran Violence, Security Secretary Hopes To Counter Trend
In the Empalme and Guaymas area, near the popular beach resort of San Carlos, Security Secretary Alfonso Durazo said police forces will be put under a single military command. That will help purge police officers with suspected links to organized crime.
3 hours ago
Lawmakers Approve Audit Of School Vouchers
Lawmakers have ordered an audit of the state Department of Education’s handling of the roughly $1.3 million available to administer the Empowerment Scholarship program.
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California To Unveil Earthquake Alert System Thursday
The system will detect the beginning of a quake and send out alerts warning residents that they have a few seconds to prepare for a possibly deadly temblor.
Chicago Teachers Will Go On Strike, Capping Years Of Social Justice Activism
For the second time in seven years, Chicago Public Schools teachers will be on strike starting Thursday, walking out of class, they say, in the name of better schools.
McConnell Prepares Senate For Trump Impeachment Trial As Inquiry Escalates
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell briefed his caucus on what a Trump impeachment trial could look like in the Upper Chamber. It could last weeks, and begin after the Thanksgiving holiday.
A vacationing family says it was "treated like criminals" in federal detention. U.S. authorities say two adults in the group had previously been denied authorization to come to the United States.
NASA's First All-Female Spacewalk Set For Friday
Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir will replace a faulty power regulator on the International Space Station. Only 15 women have participated in spacewalks, and all were accompanied by men.